HAWKi Enterprise LLC

Providing the Professional Handyman Services

Hawki Enterprise L.L.C. is a one-door solution offering a wide variety of handyman services. From general handyman to furniture assembly, floor cleaning and repair, kitchen and bathroom remodeling to masonry and pointing services, the company owe your homes a promise of delivering avant-garde home renovating solutions at your doorstep. Having the right equipment and personnel in our team, we ensure giving your home; the beauty it deserves.


Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to deliver outstanding home renovation and remodeling services to your door. We aim to add value to your residential and commercial properties by leveraging our reputation for experience, consistency, and honesty in our services.

In addition, we aim to exhibit the virtue of customer response and use every new and traditional quality mending solution for maximum audience reach. We ensure providing an unmatched client experience by meeting their specific needs.

Lastly, we envision being a well-known home improvement company that offers superior quality, tools, and chances to build, repair and remodel houses and people’s lives.

Our Core Values


We pay attention to what our clients want from us. None of our projects are executed unless discussed by our clients thoroughly.


We also collaborate with our clients at every stage of the process. We not only finish each job correctly, but we also execute in a way that produces results.


We are honest and take pride in every task, big or small. We make an effort to be personable to our clients and to respond to their requirements and desires.


Why Choose Us?

Trusted Company

We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy repair companies. We ensure satisfying our clients by our abiding by our unwavering handyman services.

Cutting-edge Service

Our forward-thinking attitude enables us to create the most inventive mending solutions for your property requirements.

Quick Service

Our goal is to finish projects as fast as possible without compromising quality. This, however, does not indicate that we are compromising our creativity and craftsmanship.

High-Quality Handyman Services

Hawki Enterprise L.L.C. is known for producing high-quality results.


Our handyman comes from a professional background and enjoys working on the intricacies of the trade.

Best Practices

We employ best practices to ensure exceeding our client’s expectations without compromise.


are committed to exceeding workmanship and high standards of excellence, guaranteeing that our client’s expectations are addressed without compromise.


Our Story


The driving force behind Hawki Enterprise L.L.C is a father and a son who joined forces after Covid 19 epidemic in 2020. The father was laid off from his work as a senior manager at a maintenance firm after 15 years owing to downsizing.

With over 25 years of managerial experience in floor care and gardening, he teamed up with his son, who began his firm in 2015, performing handyman work on the side. His son worked in the construction sector for 15 years, learning several crafts and gaining maintenance, building, and repair skills. Specializing in low-voltage work, data infrastructure, and data center construction, they grew the business into a professional handyman service that is excelling with each passing day.